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I woke up last night and looked at my phone as it appeared to be 2 A.M, my short blonde hair was all messed up and all over the place, so a strand fell to my face as I sat up. As I kept looking through my phone, I noticed that I had fell asleep listening to creepypasta. I look over and for some reason my computer was open...I thought I had left it closed but apparently not. so I just shut it slowly before standing up. This weekend had been really tough on me for many reasons. the fact that my boyfriend broke up with me, I had lost my friends and a lot of sleep if you couldn't already tell. As I walk to my kitchen I hear a lot of noise coming from outside....sounded like talking mixed with yells and a SHITLOAD of sarcasm. I opened my fridge and grabbed an orange juice before walking to my front door and opening in, two trolls appear and one of them falls to my feet. The one snickering had two sets of horns and 3D oval shaped glasses. He was pretty tall, about 6'1 or 6'2. He was pretty skinny but it wasn't hard to tell that he had some muscle to him. As he continued to laugh, his grey face was turning a light yellow color. I took a look down at his shirt. pants and then shoes. he had one white and one black shoe? and his shirt was a yellow Gemini symbol. but his pants where a normal black. I looked away from his feet, panning to mine where the other one had fallen. I noticed he was grumbling into the floor and he had two nubby horns that were smaller. from what I could see his face was red and he had grey pants on. he was maybe 5'6, one inch shorter than me. and his shoes were a normal black and his sweater was too, except it had a grey Cancer symbol on it. This troll looked skinny as well. I cocked my eyebrow and looked at both of them. "Who are you guys?" I asked them before stepping back, the smaller troll sat up and dusted off. "II'm 2ollux and thii2 ii2-" he was cut mid sentence as he was punched in the leg. "KARKAT IS MY NAME." he stood up and folded his arms. "I'm Lilly." I smile politely, my brown eyes glistening. "Do you have anythiing two eat?" Sollux walked in, sitting on the couch, Karkat joining close behind. "Yeah sure, what do you want?" I shut the door before walking to the kitchen. Sollux shrugged "A 2andwiich?" I get out the items and condiments and prepare 3 sandwiches. I walk back over to them, handing Karkat and Sollux  their own little sandwiches, but as I started walking away, Sollux groaned. "Can I have another?" I shrugged and gave him mine. "So why are you guys even here?" I asked before sitting in the recliner. "WE HAVE NOWHERE TO GO. WE ENDED UP HERE BECAUSE WE THOUGHT YOU HAD A NICE HOUSE. REASON WHY? WE WERE SEARCHING FOR A JACKET THAT THIS FUCKASS LOST." he said as he thrusted his thumb at Sollux. Sollux slapped him upside the head and I giggled softly.


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Lilly Flewallen
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im a huge total drama fan.. CANNOT WAIT FOR SEASON 5

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